Wedding reviews

"You couldn’t have two better young women to work with you while hey help you plan and organize your event. "



"Let me start by saying this: Huge shout-out to Pink Champagne Celebrations for directing/coordinating my wedding.  You ladies (Courtney and Savannah) are the best! My Husband and I recently got married (11/12/18), and we loved every second of it.  Thanks to Courtney, our wedding ran so smoothly.  We could not have asked for anything better.  She was so nice, and extremely professional.  Courtney also made sure everyone in the wedding party was on the same page, and on time.  Cheers ladies!  I am so grateful.  YOU made everything possible.  I highly recommend choosing Pink Champagne Celebrations for any wedding/party planning that you need assistance with."


"These two are the best. They did our day of coordination and helped make everything on time and perfect. They work hard and help do anything you need. They are there for set up all the way to break down. I couldn’t thank them enough for how much they did for us on our wedding day and day before, and even months before. Thank you Courtney and Savannah for everything you did for us.

P.S. I don't know how to give stars, but I would give more then 5!"

-Sarah & Steve


"Pink Champagne Celebrations did such a fantastic job coordinating every detail the day of my wedding - I literally was guided every step of the way - from constant updates on how much time I had left during photos to being told to go up and give my speech. I really wanted just to not have to worry about anything and be told where to go when, and they delivered. I even found out from the caterer after the fact that the wait staff was an hour late, but Courtney and Savannah are such pros that I had no clue! My wedding was truly perfect in large part to these two ladies - I 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a wedding coordinator!"


"The ladies of Pink Champagne Celebrations managed our daughter’s and new son-in-law’s wedding and I can’t say enough good things about these ladies!! If it were not for them I know that the wedding would have not gone nearly as smoothly as it did and many details would have been forgotten or left out totally. As the mother of the bride I had so many details as it was and this group actually started organizing this wedding with checklists for us months before the actual event and it forced us to think of things that I wasn’t even aware of. I can’t thank them enough for making my daughter’s big day such a success!! I was able to relax that day and leave the wedding in their capable hands and actually enjoy this day for what it baby’s big day!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Courtney and Savannah, you have no idea what your professional and capable efforts did for our families!!!"


"The girls went to bat for us multiple times. We’re very organized and professional the whole weekend and gave us a sense of confidence that everything was going to be perfect."


"Savannah and Courtney are amazing! They managed our wedding of over 300 people seamlessly. As a bride, I knew of nothing that went wrong and could see that everything was absolutely perfect. They ensured I was comfortable and had everything I needed as well as ensuring every little detail was taken care of. They are great at their job and I would recommend them to everyone who is getting married! They met with me a few times before the big day and had itinerary’s, pens, planners, binders and everything in between to keep themselves organized. They mailed my marriage license in for me and even saved me some cake pops from the dessert table. Thank you so much ladies. You made this day the best day of our lives."


"Savannah and Courtney are absolutely wonderful to work with! They truly make you feel so comfortable right away and treat you like family. We are beyond amazed with their hard work and dedication to make sure your day is exactly how you pictured it. They allowed my husband and I to feel so at ease the whole weekend of our wedding. Both Savannah and Courtney were there for us from the beginning to the end. They knew the right questions to ask and made sure our day was perfect. We couldn’t imagine our wedding weekend without them!"